I have finally reached my UGW.

I’m pretty much ecstatic, I am just really happy with how I look now and proud of myself for reaching my goal.

I went shopping today and it was great to try things on and be happy with my body and to have them fit so well (a size small was baggy!).

I bought myself this bra from aerie, as a sort of reward c:

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Here’s the recipe.
Haven’t made it yet, but I’m just dying to.

I am in love with these Smart & Delicious, Low Carb, High Fiber tortillas.

Just look at the nutritional facts! Oh my god, they’re amazing.

(This is for the original, but there are other flavors that you can try out)

I think they taste great and they’re super low calorie so I can put other delicious stuff on them.

Some ways I use them:

Here are some of my go-to snacks when I’m looking for something satisfying and healthy.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix these together. Like dipping a large carrot into the Laughing Cow, delicious and only 100 calories.


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I have to try making these c:
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